About the Mogdron Series




I am Naej Adnil.  I am the creator of Mogdron who is a daughter of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake Vivian, that exists on a alternate reality to earth called NYE . Her grandfathers are Poseidon, God of the Sea and Lucifer who has 63 devilish brothers.  Her aunt is Morgana who succeeds to cast Mogdron’s parents to Earth.  Mogdron has to go through Poseidon, Hades and Lucifer to get to earth.  When she makes it into the strange world called Earth, she will be transformed in ways she never expected.  She will face her fears, be faced with loss and have to find a way to hold onto hope, self love and courage to find her way through to the other world.  Once she does, she discovers she is no longer who she used to be, as she has shed her old skin and was reborn into a new one.  Through her new self she encounters Arthur and the knights of the round table, who are secret government agents that investigate unexplained phenomena.  She gets roped into one of their missions for finding Excalibur, which is trapped in the enchanted mountain by Morgana and the Devil. They have to go through the holy grail to retrieve Excalibur out of the mountain which presents many challenges to them.  It is said only one has the ability to pass the test of the holy grail.  Will Mogdron be able to change this legend if she joins forces with Arthur?  If they make it and are successful to enter the mountain what do they expect to find?  Excalibur is said to be a powerful tool but no one knows what it is exactly.  It is prophesied that when Excalibur is joined with its other half it becomes the most powerful tool that can kill any demon or devil.   Mogdron has to find the power within her to fight evil and not become it herself.  The obstacles she faces leaves her questioning her life, her purpose and is confronted with finding creative ways to survive and grasp on to hope and love.  She along with others have to battle their own limitations and find courage within themselves and battle their own dark minds, demons, magic and even aliens from another galaxy.  All in hopes to manifesting a better life and world that is safe from the evil that lurks in the shadows.


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